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How to Control the Judge!

Know How to Control Judges!How to Control the Judge!

How to Win in Court
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Q. Can you win without controlling the judge?

A. You cannot!

Control the judge or lose!

There’s no other way!

Laws, rules, testimony, and evidence count for nothing … if you can’tcontrol the judge!

You must control the judge!

This is your #1 job… if you want to win!

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepThreaten appeal!

Repeat internet legal mythology, demand to see his oath of office, challenge his jurisdiction based on the color of the fringe on the courtroom flag, and you’ll get absolutely nowhere!

Cite appellate court opinions that agree with you and what you want … and threaten appeal if the judge doesn’t agree with those appellate court opinions!

It’s stupid to march into court demanding one’s “Constitutional Rights”, expecting the judge to admit your evidence, deny evidence and tricks presented by your opponent, and award judgment in your favor.

It just doesn’t work that way!

Make it clear that you will win on appeal if the judge rules against you!

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Beware of Legal Mythology!

How to Win in Court
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Beware of Legal Mythology!  image of brutus with a knife and the words a personal reminder that we are behind you all the way

Beware of Legal Mythology!

Many today are angry at our justice system.

Many have good cause to be angry!

Some, however, are too angry!

Their anger will hurt you!

They are blinded by their anger!

You’ll recognize them by the anger. They are not your friend! Their “legal theories” fail. They are blinded by rage. Believe them at your peril.

#1 An angry person called insisting she had “copyrighted” her name so the courts couldn’t use her name on official papers. To think one can prevent others from using one’s name by “copyrighting” it is utter nonsense. Anger twists the mind in strange ways!

#2 Some are convinced our courts are “admiralty courts” and cannot rule in common law or statute, all because there is a yellow fringe on the courtroom flag. This lie has been promoted for years by angry people that don’t know (or don’t want to make any effort to know) the truth.

#3 Some claim to be “patriots”, yet do all they can to evade the Rule of Law and refuse to do anything toward learning the principles of due process so many gave their lives to protect in past and present wars!

#4 Thousands hover around the radio to hear commentators tell them how horrible things are, yet only a handful of talk show hosts encourage us to make things better by exercising our God-given “law power” in court!

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepI know people are hurting. We’ve helped tens of thousands of hurting people to get justice in the courts since 1997 when we launched Jurisdictionary on the web.

Know how to honor the sacrifices of millions who died to give us “law power” we need to overcome corruption?

Are you ready to begin?

Liberty, Justice, & The Rule of Law

Liberty, Justice, & The Rule of Law

How to Win in Court
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I have a T-shirt that says “Freedom is not Free!
Liberty, Justice, & The Rule of Law image of liberty bell
Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me death!”

Liberty is what we seek.

  • Liberty to own a home.
  • Liberty to run a business.
  • Liberty to enjoy life.
  • Liberty to walk the streets unharmed by hoodlums and assassins.
  • Liberty to enjoy our God-given rights!

But, there’s a crack in the Liberty Bell … a warning.

The promise was “Justice for ALL”.

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepBut “ALL” do not get Justice!

We have let lawyers run their “justice business” too long.

Liberty without Justice is impossible!

War and public protests alone can never secure Justice for ALL.

Take the “justice business” away from the lawyers … and open the courthouse doors to EVERYONE!

Do it for your children who deserve “JUSTICE FOR ALL” … and not just for the privileged few who can afford to hire a competent lawyer to do their fighting for them!

Justice should not be a business!

Justice is a sacred right!

Let THIS generation secure Justice for ALL!

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