Finding Evidence – Part Three …

How to Win in Court

You can get your opponent’s toothbrush or bank records, if they will help you win your case … and either your opponent turns them over or you can send your opponent to jail!

The discovery tool is called a Request for Production.

You can use it to get documents or things … of all descriptions.

Requests for Production are simply papers requiring your opponent to produce documents and tangible things you list in your request … so you can inspect them and copy them for your own use.

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepFinding evidence was never easier!

Even though they’re called “requests”, they forceyour opponent to produce … or go to jail.

Protect yourself from the crooked, deceitful hide-the-ball game lawyers play!

Learn how to use Requests for Production and see the sample forms at How to Win in Court<

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