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Here is a link to site where the Government attempts to legitimatize their use of force.

Police Use of Force | National Institute of Justice

Some key statements I want to point out.

Statement from site above:
Police officers should use only the amount of force necessary to control an incident, effect an arrest, or protect themselves or others from harm or death.

How often are police officers arresting people for ticketable issues that should not involve arrest.

My understanding is the officer creates a ticket and you can accept it or not. The proper procedure if you decline to accept a ticket would be for the officer to take the information to the prosecutor and have that person continue with the issue.

Statement from site above:
Excessive use of force is rare

Is this because it cost money to defend yourself and could be dangerous to actually accuse an officer that just beat your arse?

In my experience most officers are out of control as are the people in charge of controlling them.

Statement from site above:
The frequency of police use of force events that may be defined as justified or excessive is difficult to estimate.


Could this be because they refuse to track these issue? Would they point out and prove that many law enforcement agencies are actually causing more harm than good?

It is my understanding that in early 2000 the Supreme Court of Arkansas ruled that people were not to be arrested for misdemeanors. Yet officers can still arrest you for whatever they want to and even make up reasons to arrest you. From personal experience these officers know how difficult and costly it is to win against them.. Judges take the word of an officer over even the most trustworthy of citizens.

On this site a pregnant woman was ‘tazed’ because she littered and was driving away from an officer who had not put her under arrest. If you are not under arrest, it is my understanding that an officer has no authority to detain you. This does not include traffic stops. However there is a limit to the time the officer can detain you and what he must do to detain you.

Littering is not an arrestable offence. Nor is parking in a handicap space. Nor is driving away from a police officer. Unless you are under arrest you are free to go.

Many times it has been proven in court that officers do not obey the law themselves.

Learn the law, protect yourself.

Record all interaction with police and government officials. They are human just like the everyone else.

Statistics on the Use of Force
Statement from site above:
The complaint rate for police use of force was 6.6 complaints per 100 sworn officers, according to a study of large law enforcement departments. Of these complaints, 92 percent had insufficient evidence to take disciplinary action against the officer


Does this mean they did not believe the people making the complaint over the officer, so they ignored it?
How long did it take Rodney King to get any justice and they still argue that the officer had the right to beat him handcuffed laying on his stomach. And yes If I were being beat by officer I would fight back.

Someone handcuffs you and starts abusing you, are you really supposed to just take it and file a report later?

Statement from site above:
While police use of force is rare, various definitions and measures of force prevent researchers from definitively identifying the frequency of events that may be defined as justified or excessive

Does this make sense? Various definitions and measures of force prevent researchers from identifying excessive use of force>
again seriously?
While it might not have happened to you, yet. Are you ready to experience an out of control law enforcement officer? A person with a gun and a license to kill. A person that probably barely made it through high school has the authority to determine when to use force to get what they want.

We have the technology to record everything. Officers have recording devices. They should be forced by rule of law to have them recording 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Let there be no question of who what or where.

The last incident I had with an officer. I recorded it. Then I used the recording to beat him in court. He lied, changed his story, even threatened me and I could only get a short letter put on his file. However, after years of following this officer, I assisted in getting him off the street and keeping him from gaining promotions to areas where he could do more harm.

This is your duty as an American it is called Due Diligence. Without it you are not truly free.

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