Case-Winning Paperwork … Part 1

Want to drive your opponents nuts?Man Waving Paper

Tie them down with word-power!

What you’ll learn will empower you to stuff your opponents in a word-box and win your case hands-down!

Most pro se people never understand this … so they lose, needlessly.

Many lawyers never understand this … so they also lose, needlessly … and take their client’s money anyway!

Short sentences.

Powerful sentences.

Sentences with ONE VERB.

Sentences with ONE SUBJECT.

One subject. One verb. And only the absolutely necessary adjectives and adverbs.Big-Nosed Nazi

If it’s important to say your opponent’s nose was gigantic, say so. Otherwise, leave it out!

Each sentence is a complete thought.

Mrs. Edgerton taught me that in Second Grade, and it’s helped me win countless court battles.

Winning in court is all about effective communication.

The “How to Win in Court” course will show you how!

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